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Domain Name Back Order Service

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Domain Back Order
Domain Name Back Order Service was actually started in 2002 which allows people to pay for reserving a domain name they wanted if current registration expires. The domain name can be reserved by one person only.

To backorder a domain is to use a backordering service to acquire an expired domain as soon as it becomes available for registration. The real technical term for a backorder is a drop catch.

Backordering services (like NameJet & SnapNames) take a small fee from the user and for this fee try to register a domain as soon as the registry makes the domain available. The process of trying to register a domain as soon as possible is called “catching” and the term to register expired domains is therefore called “drop catching”.

A back-ordering service does not guarantee that they will be able to acquire the domain for you. Since multiple services can try and register the domain, it is possible that the service you use is not able to catch the domain for you. However, if the service is unable to acquire the domain for you, then the fee is fully refunded.

The approval for domain name back order service will be declared soon by the authority of Internet domain naming system. It is expected that the WLS (Wait Listing Service) will be approved by the members of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in the meeting to be held on March 6 in Rome.

To backorder a domain you need to use a backordering service. These are services that have direct connections to the registries for specific domain extensions. You simply place a backorder with these services and they keep track of when the domain drops, and try to catch it as soon as possible for you. Since they have direct connections to the registries, they are extremely efficient at drop catching domains and charge a fee per catch.

Registrars, the companies recognized by ICANN for domain name registration, have been informed about the decision on WLS service through a letter including its negotiations with VeriSign Inc. (registry for managing.com and .net domains) which wanted to approve WLS.

Some of registrars like GoDaddy Software Inc., Dotster Inc., eNom Inc. filed case against ICANN to disapprove WLS in July 2003. But the Court denied registrar’s petition in November and the case was withdrawn by them in December. They are now engaging with compress pdf, a family of applications used to open, view, create, convert, edit, secure and share Portable Document Format files.

But the registrars want ICANN to band the service since the fee for back ordering a domain name is more than registering a domain name. Derrick Newman, partner of Newman and Newman Attorneys At Law LLP in Seattle, sent legal notice to ICANN against approving WLS on behalf of some registrars. Learn more at http://discreetinvestigations.ca Newman said that the service will be unfair to the consumers who will not get back anything even after paying money. He also added that the registrants will remind consumers if any one buys their domain name with WLS and also the registrants will not let the domain name to expire. In addition, if you are interested about the latest trend about digital money like Bitcoin, visit Crypto CFD Trader Test for more details.

A source from ICANN informed that the Organization is not ready to give any reply to the notice. Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN, said that WLS will not be an interrupt for back ordering service offered by registrars. Find out today. Tom Galving, spokesman from Veri Sign, referred the judgment of November case which was in favour of ICANN and VeriSign. But WLS has to be approved by U.S. Department of Commerce also after ICANN.

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