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Domain Names with Keyword Phrases

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Domain Names
Most people think that using keyword rich domain name will help for better ranking. They consider this as the most important SEO factor. But when you look at the sites which are at top list in search engines, you can find same keywords included in both domain name and in the Title tag. This clearly explains that Title tag is responsible for ranking, not the domain name.

Other important factor for ranking is the hyperlink with keywords pointing the site. David Gallagher’s article “Top of the Heap” was ranked top in Google last month. This was because he told his blog readers to link to his site with the phrase “David Gallagher” in the hyperlink. Note that the domain name of his site does not include the phrase “David Gallagher”.

Even in directories like Yahoo! keyword rich domain names are not the actual reason for ranking. Most sites submit their site name to Yahoo! which will be same as their domain name. This is the main reason for their top ranking.

According to Tom Wilde, General Manager of Search Services at Lycos, Title tag and body text are more important than domain names for ranking according to Lycos algorithm. So instead o f using keyword rich domain names like keyword-rich-domain-for-high-ranking.com, domain names like MyDomain.com could work best.

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