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Domains – Not Stable

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Domain not Stable
More than 60 million domains have been registered for website usage. But more than half of these domains have been reserved by some commercial parties. You cannot own the domain just by paying the registration fee. You should have full authority to use that domain for your web address.

Log on to MyPutra site and search for the domain of your choice using organization’s. It has the service to check whether anyone owns the domain. Then you can buy it for one or two years agreement. But you have to renew it once the agreement ends to maintain the ownership. The hosting services will remind you before three months of expiry through e-mails. If you fail to renew it, the domain will return to the master list then some one will buy the domain.

There are three ICANN strategies available to recover the domain taken over by someone.

  1. If your domain name sounds same as to a trademark.
  2. If new domain owner does not have any legal right in domain name.
  3. If your domain name is registered and misused.

To avoid losing domain, you have to follow some strategies while buying it.

First you have to make sure whether the domain name which you want to buy is already in use by some one else. Then select the best ISP which offers at least three year agreement for your domain.

It is better to have two or more domains. Set reminders in personal information Manager to remind you about domain renewal. Also have a copy of domain list, IP address and main administrative’s contact details.

Check the administrative account regularly for e-mails from your ISP. Have a copy of all the e-mails including administrative information of the domain in local folders of your system.

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