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Glossary for domain name terms

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.COM (.commercial):

The .com extension is a well-known domain extension that can be used by any individual or business entity.

.NET (.network):

The .net extension can be registered by anyone though it was created for technical websites.

.ORG (.organization):

The .org extension was designed for other organizations that cannot be registered under the .com or .net extensions. But everyone is allowed to register an .org domain name.


The .aero extension is specially designed for air transport industry. This domain suffix is fully active (refer to NicAero for more information).


The .biz extension is specially designated for business or commercial use.


The .coop extension is used by cooperative service organizations and subsidiaries of cooperatives (log on to nic.coop for more information).


The .info extension can be used by general public to register their domain name (more information available in info gateway).


The .museum can be used only by museum organizations and members of the museum profession (more information is available at musedoma.museum).


The .name domain suffix is used by the general public (more information is available at nic.name).


The .pro extension is created for certified professionals like doctors Dr. Michael L. Schwartz and Dr. Jason I. Altman.


Bandwidth is the transmission rate of data to a server. With higher bandwidth you can manage the site traffic in better way.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface):

CGI is a small script that interprets the web content to executable files.


Cgi-bin is the directory on the web server where all executable files are treated as CGI scripts.

Domain servers:

Domain servers store Domain Name System (DNS) information of a domain in two lines. First line refers to the primary information of the site and the second line refers to the back up information. About servers, if you need ways to protect your data, EATEL business data center will secure and monitor your entire IT infrastructure.

Domain Name System(DNS):

DNS translates the machine understandable address (IP address) into words that can be read by humans. In addition, NAATI translator certification before they can be submitted as a translated document. These include the following documents: birth certificate, drivers license, marriage certificate, death certificate, police clearance certificate, diploma, degree or any other personal document to be translated.

Domain names:

Domain name is a group of strings that represents an address of an entity accessing the Internet. Without a domain name it is very confusing to have just the web addresses, as the unique domain name gives the internet server an easy and memorable address.


Escrows are third parties that hold money on behalf of transacting parties while selling domain name.

HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol):

HTTP is a protocol that transfers hypertexts across internet with client browser and a server.

ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers):

ICANN coordinates IP address space and handles other maintenance tasks of domain name.

IP Address:

IP address is the numerical label that points the exact location of website on web.

Domain Name Parking:

Temporary storage of new domain names on servers until they are purchased is known as parking.


In propagation process, the name server updates its records with new domains and deletes the expired.


An individual or a business entity that purchases many domain names and resells the domain names through registry services.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL):

SSL is a protocol that begins with ‘http’ and provides strong authentication during e-commerce transactions.


Subdomains are domain under pre-existing domain.

Top Level Domain(TLD):

TLD adds suffix to domain names..com, .net, .org and country codes such as .ca come under TLDs.


All domain names are stored in WHOIS database which is maintained by each domain registrar.

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