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How to Choose Your Domain Registrar

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Choose Domain Registrar

The key factor for starting your online business is website. Domain name is the identity of your website through which people locate your site and connect with you. So you have to be very careful while choosing your domain registrar.

Many people lose their domain and then struggle a lot to regain it. This would happen when they use someone’s account to register their domain in some unknown registrar. The domain users will not even know that their domain has expired until they lose their domain since they have registered it using someone’s account which they don’t have access. And when they try to contact the person whose account they have used to register or the unknown registrar, their domain would have been purchased by someone.

Another reason for loss of domain is using some cheap registrar to register your domain. In cheap registrars initial registration would be cheap but they will charge high for renewing your domains. Even if you want to move your domain they will collect some extra fee for it. In their price structure they would have included such hidden charges.

So you have to choose most trusted domain registrar which not only provide registration service at low cost but also do not include any hidden/extra charges.

Consider following factors to safeguard your domain:

  1. Think well before choosing your registrar. Always go for domain registrar which is trustworthy.
  2. Always register your domain in your or your company name to ensure your access to your domain control panel which is used to manage your domain.
  3. While registering use your email address which you have access always. Because without your email address you cannot access your domain control panel.

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