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Important Strategies for Domain Names

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domain name strategies

Now a days domain names not only serves as the address of your site but also serves as the symbol of status to your company. So you have to choose a domain name which itself should reflect the quality of your product and your company. Following are some points to choose the right domain name

1.     Brandable or Keyword Rich

This is the most important as well as difficult strategy. Some people believe that only brandable domain names should be used while others believe that keyword rich domain names may work better.

Using keyword rich domain name may help your site to achieve high ranking. But the website should impress the customers and increase their faith on you rather than achieving the top of the search list. Hence consider your customers while choosing your domain name.

Using brandable domain names can best promote your brand and help you to reach your customers more efficiently. Though many companies like Google, EBay did not include their brand in their domain, they proved to be successful. But the users feel that these companies have failed to fix their brand name onto their mind.

Hence choose the domain name based on the type of your site. For business websites or long term websites, using brandable domain names could work best. For temporary websites, including keyword rich or just generic terms will be better.

You can also choose a domain name that is both keyword rich and brand reflecting. But be sure that your domain name and your site name match each other.

2.     Business Name

Many choose their business name as their domain name thinking that this may help them to make their customers remember their company. But if your business name cannot selfly describe about your products/services, then the customers will find hard to locate your site. Hence including some keywords along with your company name will be a better idea.

3.     Other Strategies

Short domains work better than long domains but are costly and difficult to get one. Hence you can choose long domains as an alternative. But remember that it should not be too lengthy. For example, domainsforyou.com is good but Bestdomainstogetbestoptimizedwebsits.com is not.

Though .com is the most used domain by many people, you can also consider using .net, .info, .org as an alternative if you don’t get .com.

Including hyphens, suffixes or prefixes or using plural forms of your domain name may help to differentiate yours. But people may forget these terms and the chance f typing it wrongly is more. So try to avoid these as much as possible.

If you have not got the domain of your choice even after a long search, you can go for expired domains. When the original registrants gets failed to renew their domain, they get expired. You may get one from this list also. One of the best sites for getting information about expired domains is DeletedDomains.com.

Some people try to buy domains which had good traffic thinking that this may help to increase their traffic rate also. But practically this is impossible.

Before registering a domain, check whether it belongs to some other company or people. Else this may lead to copyright issues. Choose good registrar to register your domain to avoid the risk of losing your domain or other risk factors. Registering the domain by yourself will be better. You can try good registrars like GoDaddy (godaddy.com) or Enom (enom.com) or MyPutra(myputra.com).

Overall, choosing a domain name is one time process. Hence choose it very carefully considering all above factors.


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