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URL Forwarding

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URL Fowarding

Some people or business cannot have their own website by paying a web hosting company. Hence they will use some free websites which usually have long confusing URL. Instead these people or businesses wanted to use their own domain name to link to their free hosted website. This can be made possible by using URL forwarding. According to Elliott Wave Theory with these help their transactions to clients is made easier.

Steps for Using URL Forwarding

  1. Choose a registrar which provides free domain forwarding service also.
  2. Register your domain name in the chosen registrar.
  3. Sign into your account and select the URL or Domain Forwarding option under domain or account management. Visit Niche Edit Blog Articles for more information.
  4. Consider that “domainname.com” is the free website you are using and “mydomain” is the directory where your site is located. Enter “www.domainname.com/mydomain” in the text box where you will be typing the address of your site. You can find your domain name next to this text box.
  5. Once you have finished typing, save it. After sometime, you can connect to your site by just entering your domain name in the address bar of the browser.

Thus, URL forwarding helps for fast access of your site without the need of using the long confusing URL of your free website.

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