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Privacy Policy

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All the information which we collect about you will be well protected to ensure your privacy. By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you allow us to collect data about you to provide required service for you.

This policy explains about how your data are collected, which type of personal identifying information (PII) about you is collected, where these information are used, persons who can access these information and how to modify inaccurate information. This notice explains our processes of using information online and lists down the choices to choose how your information should be collected and used. We have included this notice in our website for your convenience.

Type of Information Collected:

Based on the type of service, we collect specific required or all information through communication profiles and cookies. We may collect personal information like name, phone number, address, email id, type of service provided along with date and all your payment details depending on the type of service. All important information are collected and transferred using highly authenticated servers. Every time when your personal information are transferred a security icon will be shown on your browser.

Use of Information:

All information are used for billing purpose and to know about our clients requirements to assist them in all possible ways. Your personal information will not be kept confidential from third parties. All these information are used for communicating with you and to bring the updates of our business to your knowledge. But all sensitive information will be kept closed from our affiliates and third parties. Also we make sure that those affiliates and service providers also offers highly authenticated service to their clients.

Log Files:

IP addresses are used for monitoring and managing our site and servers and to collect statistical data which are for intense use. But IP addresses will not have personal information. Log files may contain personal data of clients because of default tracking of browsing history.


Cookies are the inbuilt functionality in your browser that stores your account information in form of text files. You can deactivate it by configuring your browser settings. But this may turn off some functionalities of our website. To know more about cookies, log on to

Modifying Personal Information:

Our client’s personal information record can be modified or can be deleted when our clients personal data changes or when they exit out from our service. This can be done through our billing system at or can mail us at


Customers can unsubscribe the default system updates/services like newsletters, invoices and mailings. But they cannot unsubscribe receiving of important notifications.

Security Measures:

We implement all latest and necessary technologies to prevent misuse or loss of information. All your financial information (like credit/debit card pin number) are kept confidential with our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Information Given to Third Parties of Our Network:

All sensitive information submitted to us will be kept highly confidential and this is applied to only those information which were submitted to us. Our privacy policy is not applied to information submitted to other third parties and is not responsible for misuse or loss of your confidential information submitted to them.

In accordance with Law Enforcement:

Our policy and services always comply with government rules and law enforcement. On request by government officials or as reply for legal notices, we keep some information confidential to safeguard your/third party rights and properties, public or will stop our activities if we consider it as illegal.

Modifications of This Policy:

Any modifications made to our privacy policy will be brought to your kind attention and will be included in our website. But also we request you to look at our privacy policy document every time you use our website.

Queries and Concern:

We gladly welcome any queries or concerns about our policy or our information processing practices. You can contact us at address below

No: 16/14, 2ndfloor, Kosu Mani st,
Padmanaban Nagar, Choolaimedu,

Tamilnadu, India
Phone: +91 44 42811104
Or you can email your queries to
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