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Customers,Sales & Finance

Our fully automated management system with control panel and API maintains complete database of your customer, sales and finance records at one place. Our products can be sold using your private labelled web sites or through our white labelled products

  • Can maintain a complete history of all your customer details, product details and their updates at a single place.
  • Can get customer details instantly using our quick search.
  • Can manage your accounts through online or API.
  • Can configure the white label email notices easily.

Sales and Marketing Automation:

  • Updates pricing, product tiers to customers and provides offers/discounts automatically.
  • Provides array of products like money back guarantee, deletion charges, account managers for preferred accounts etc.
  • Can email newsletters to customers with our pre-defined private labelled marketing email tool.

Finance and Billing Automation:

  • Easy management of all your finance related activities.
  • All your transactions are recorded and you can manage all your orders, domain transfers and payment activities in efficient way.
  • Our array of payment gateway includes 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Moneybookers, PayPal, PayPal Direct, Paypal Payflow Pro, Transecute, and WorldPaywith easy integration with other payment providers.
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